QR Code for App Downloads: Boost app downloads with a single QR Code.

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That Website Is Me Published on August 23, 2023

Rather than generating multiple QR codes or managing numerous separate links for each individual app store, a single concise link or QR code suffices. This unified solution caters to a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and beyond.
When a user scans the App Store Dynamic QR Code, it will automatically detect the user’s smartphone’s operating system and immediately open the app in the right app store.

How To Create Your App Download Link & QR Code

  1. Visit your LinkTrak Account Dashboard and find the box where it says "Paste your long URL".
  2. Select the options icon button next to "Shorten" - The box will expand to show more options.
  3. Select the button "Customize" and select "Device Targeting" from the drop-down.
  4. Select the "Add+" button to add more rows so that you have as many app store links as you need.
  5. For each drop-down, select a device and paste into the field your corresponding link.
    1. For example: For iPhone, iPad and Mac OS - paste in your Apple App Store app URL.
  6. Scroll back up to "Paste your long URL" and paste in a fallback/default URL (eg the App Store URL).
  7. Click "Shorten".
  8. A popup will appear with your shortened link to copy, and your QR Code.
  9. Test the QR code by scanning it with a smartphone to make sure it takes you to the correct page.

Monitor App QR Code Analytics

LinkTrak will track scans and clicks, which is helpful when you’re using the QR code as well as the link in a multi-channel campaign. Tracking scans is a great way to enhance your first-party data over time as you increase your understanding of how your customers and prospects like to engage with your app. Read more about link tracking here: https://linktrak.me/help/article/shorten-links-stats

What exactly is an App Store Dynamic QR Code?

Well, it's a QR code associated with an app store that offers an instant app download experience through a simple scan, eliminating the need for manual searches using the app's name.
This particular dynamic QR code variant functions by intelligently redirecting users to the appropriate download source based on their device type—whether it's an Android OS or Apple's iOS. This ensures a seamless and tailored app download process for all users.
App Store QR Codes streamline the transition from desktop to mobile and seamlessly bridge the gap between print and digital platforms. This makes them an ideal companion for enhancing your app marketing strategy.

Make changes to links even after printing

This proves particularly valuable in situations where you require adjustments to your app store QR code due to an incorrect URL entry, especially after the QR code has been printed. In such instances, the process of generating a new app store QR code is unnecessary, as real-time updates allow you to make corrections on the existing code.

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