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That Website Is Me Published on January 28, 2023

A QR code sales page is a webpage that is designed to promote a product or service and provide customers with a convenient way to make a purchase. This type of page is typically used by businesses to increase sales and promote their products or services. The QR code on the sales page can be scanned by customers using their smartphones, which will take them directly to the sales page.
The sales page typically includes information about the product or service being offered, such as its features and benefits, as well as a call to action, such as a "Buy Now" button or a form to capture contact information. The page also includes a QR code that customers can scan to access the page. This makes it easy for customers to access the page and make a purchase, even when they are offline.
QR code sales pages can be used in a variety of ways, such as in offline marketing materials like brochures, posters, and business cards to drive customers to the sales page, or in online advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the page.

Learn how to make a WooCommerce Sales page.

Creating a QR code for a sales page can provide several benefits for businesses:

  1. Convenience: A QR code on a sales page allows customers to quickly access the sales page by scanning the code with their smartphone, rather than manually typing in the URL or searching for the page.
  2. Increased engagement: A QR code on a sales page can help to increase customer engagement by providing them with a fast and easy way to access the sales page, making it more likely that they will make a purchase.
  3. Offline marketing: QR codes can be included in offline marketing materials such as brochures, posters, and business cards, allowing customers to access the sales page even when they are not connected to the internet.
  4. Data collection: By using a QR code management platform, the business owner can collect data on the customers that scan the QR code and access the sales page, such as the time they accessed the page, their location and the device they used. This data can be used to better understand customer behaviour and make informed decisions.
  5. Cost-effective: QR codes are a cost-effective solution for providing customers with easy access to a sales page as they do not require any additional hardware or software.
  6. Personalization: By using QR codes, businesses can create a personalized experience for customers by providing them with special offers or discounts.
  7. Increased conversion: By making it easy for customers to access the sales page, a QR code can increase the chances of a customer completing a purchase, resulting in increased conversions for the business.

You can create a custom-designed Sales QR Code with your Sales Page link to add colour and style.

  1. Go to the QR Code Generator creation page:
  2. From the left side menu, select Dynamic QR - Trackable -> Link
  3. Enter your QR Code name (for your records)
  4. Enter your shorten link into the Your Link field.
  5. Style your QR Code in the Color and Design tabs.
  6. Select Preview to generate a preview of your QR Code.
  7. When happy with your design, select Generate QR to save the QR Code.

You will be able to download the QR code in PNG, PDF, or SVG after it has been generated in the All QR Codes page. You can also edit the link and the QR Code will stay the same - allowing for dynamic QR Code URLs.

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